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Low rate chimneys services

fireplace installationa and maintenance in amherst, virginia

For chimney repairs there is no better choice than Low Rate Chimneys! We perform fireplace repair in a time efficient manner, so that you can resume heating your home as soon as possible. Fireplace masonry is thorough and will add value to your home. So call us today at (434) 338-6951

Fireplace Installation

In addition to new chimney builds, we also provide fireplace installation. Types of fireplaces include, electric, gas, wood, mantels, or outdoor.


Repairing a brick chimney can be tricky which is why you should always call a professional. We do everything from sealing, fixing crumbling mortar, and even brick replacement.



New flue liners are used when relining a chimney. The estimate lifespan of both clay and ceramic liners are 50 years while stainless steel liners, with proper maintenance can last up to 20+ years.

Caps & Screens

Caps and screens for your chimney are a must when it comes to reducing moisture, stopping sparks, preventing blocked flues and keeping out animals.